Retrofitting with EIFS Stucco

Can Improve the Energy Efficiency of Older Homes

Ruppert Contracting has dedicated crews to provide one of the best exterior stucco (EIFS) services both on new and older homes. While the approach might be different due to the required technologies and substrates, the end result will always be a desirable, fresh look.

Residential property owners may find a cost-effective alternative in retrofitting their home with an EIFS stucco application. EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) stucco is an exterior wall cladding system that offers homeowners several benefits, with the most prominent consisting of:

  • Better energy efficiency and reduced costs
  • Defence against water or moisture penetration
  • Enriched curb appeal/enhanced property values
  • Maintaining the charm of the original home/structure

EIFS stucco applications can incorporate a wide range of colours, designs, and textures, and can transform older homes that presently have such exteriors as: Clapboard, Stone or brick, Wood or cedar board, and Siding vinyl, aluminum, asphalt.

To deliver the optimal finish, performance and benefits of any stucco retrofit, its installation should only be entrusted to highly-skilled professionals.  The Ruppert Contracting crews have the training and experience required to properly perform EIFS stucco applications that will endure and give homeowners an ongoing return on their investment.

Before initiating any stucco projects, we provide our customers with actual samples of their chosen colours and textures, as well as examples of the architectural mouldings within the design, to confirm that all remains in line with expectations.

Furthermore, our team respects the importance of 100% customer satisfaction with all aspects of a stucco project, from initial design to the technology and its application thorough to the finished product; to that end, Ruppert Contracting confidently provides written guarantee for all of our work, regardless of the size and scope of the project.

Learn more about EIFS stucco retrofitting and its potential benefits for your present home; call Ruppert Contracting today at 416-939-6029 to book a complimentary consultation.

Expert Restoration Services for Damaged EIFS Stucco Exteriors

Sometimes, factors may affect the appearance and/or function of an EIFS stucco exterior and might include one or more of the following:

  • Improper installation
  • Significant storm damage
  • Structural settling or shifting
  • Vandalism/mischievous behaviour

Subsequently, the full or partial restoration of an exterior wall or walls may be required to reinstate structural integrity, performance, and/or physical appearance; in these instances, homeowners can call upon the expertise of Ruppert Contracting.

To remedy such situations and allay any property owner concerns, Ruppert Contracting will provide the following:

  • Complete damage assessment
  • Recommended course of action
  • Professional EIFS stucco restoration

Additionally, Ruppert Contracting understands and respects the fact that any restorations should be performed with a minimal amount of visible evidence, if any at all, once the work has been completed, and our crews will invest every effort to attain this type of result.

If your home/building has an EIFS stucco exterior that has experienced some damage, call the restoration specialists from Ruppert Contracting today at 416-939-6029 to request an onsite assessment and a no-obligation estimate.

Clients say

"Zoltan, I'd like to thank you for replacing our garage floor. You were one of seven contractors to quote and although your price was not the lowest, I felt confident that you had the skills and experience to complete the job. You and your crew [did the job] while leaving the work site neat and safe from start to finish. Your quotation included time schedules to which you adhered. I thank you for overseeing and working along side your crew. We're completely satisfied with our new concrete floor ...

Jim Cutrara, Brampton
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