Insulated Concrete Forms

An Alternative to Wood-Frame Home Construction

The vast majority of homes in Ontario, and in fact within North America, are made of wood-frame construction.  A very common sight when driving through a new home development is the familiar outlines of framed walls awaiting the next stage of the construction process.

For many people who are planning to build a new or custom home, this would likely be their default option as well, save perhaps for the construction of a log cabin or a retro-style stone farmhouse.  However, wood-frame construction is not the only option for a new home, and for those with a particular interest in energy conservation, they might want to consider the alternative of insulated concrete forms, or ICF.  The application of ICF technology is an area of specialization for the Ruppert Contracting team.

Insulated concrete forms, more specifically their concrete core, provide a built-in and superb thermal mass; translating into exterior walls with the capacity for retaining and radiating heat and cold, depending on the season, thereby moderating inside temperatures on a year-round basis.  In turn, this can help save on heating and cooling costs.

More than Just Energy Efficiency

ICF construction technology was initially developed in Europe as a cost effective and  durable way to rebuild/restore buildings and structures damaged during World War II.  Like many aspects of construction, it has undergone several advancements in terms of materials and processes since that time, and its adoption in residential construction has been steadily increasing since the 1970s.

In addition to its thermal properties, ICF construction offers homeowners several other very important benefits, including:

  • Structural strength and integrity up to 10 times greater than wood frames
  • Sound absorption blocks outside noises such as mowers, traffic, power tools
  • Fire protection minimal surface burning; four- to six-hour fire resistance rating
  • Better air quality comfortable climate, low probability of mold or dust production
  • Resistance to unwanted intruders such as mice, termites, and other types of insects

It is important to bear in mind that ICF construction represents the internal structure of a wall rather than its visible appearance from the exterior or interior of the home.  To learn more about the construction technology and benefits of insulated concrete forms for your home, call the ICF experts at Ruppert Contracting today at 416-939-6029 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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"We approached Zoltan after he completed a project for one of our family member and asked him to design and build out our basement. Since we trusted him already we gave him freedom over the details and waited excitedly for the result. Fortunately we did not get disappointed and the basement turned out to be a great space to move in. Utilizing his designer capabilities he surprised us with a few unique details and created a space in the basement that now rivals with the upper levels' custom fini...

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