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It makes sense to use RUPPERT contracting when not a handyman or one specific trade, but a more complex project management is required to resolve the task you have. (i.e. if you have a leaking tap, you will need a plumber, but if you are thinking of overhauling your bathroom, you should consider talking to us as we will take care of the plumbing, electrical, framing, drywalling, plastering, tiling and painting needs)
While we do both, it is typical that we build up a relationship with our customer on their residential job and it leads into their commercial project in the future. We like to maintain a personal connection with our clients regardless of the type of the project.
We primarily service Durham and York regions in Ontario, but for the right job we travel nationwide.
As every job is different, once we have sufficient information for pricing, we draft up the scope of work and do the pricing accordingly to make it fair for both parties. When we agree in a price, we commit to it and will not change it during the execution of the project, unless the customer requests changes in the scope of work.
Yes, we do offer a free estimate and initial consultation. Our goal is to understand your needs and in order to do so we have to meet and discuss. This is part of our approach in the hope of a new project.
We can get involved right from the planning phase, including the design, permitting and then the execution. However, if you already have a design or are working with another designer, we can work with them as we speak their language.
Yes, we give a written guarantee on our work and we also stand behind what we do. The fact that we have the same phone number ever since we started operation (15 years) can give you a hint.
As soon as we sorted out all the details. I assembled numerous crews over the years and part of my job is to ensure that I utilize their capabilities where and when needed.
We make sure that we mutually understand and agree to the scope of work and I receive a signed contract. Then sit back and let us do the work, including the preservation/protection of the rest of your home's areas.
As clean as possible with the respective job. We understand that it is your home where we are working at and treat is accordingly. We seal off other areas not related to the job and use drop cloth to protect flooring. We also perform daily cleaning on the site as we like to work clean, too.
My job is to cater you, the customer. I am the link between my crews and you and I dedicate my services to make sure you are satisfied and feel well treated. There are hundreds of horror stories out there about projects where the contractor disappeared, jobs were never finished, etc. We do not start a job until I know right at the beginning, how we will finish it. This means we do plan and calculate, so there are no surprises and you can budget well ahead. We never leave a job that is not 100% done based on what we took on, including the clean up and the removal of all debris we generated.

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"As a project manager on commercial projects I have always enjoyed working with Zoltan and his team. They executed several major store renovations for our clients such as Fairweather, International Clothier, Penningtons, Labels, Signor Angelo and assisted in numerous other construction/renovation works in Zellers and Home Depot stores. Zoltan seems to be a man of his words and even though our projects are scattered nationwide him and his people proved to be evenly productive anywhere." Project...

Steve MacChesney, Markham
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