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The Passion and the Capabilities to Achieve Your Home Customization Goals

At Ruppert Contracting, we believe that there is a significant difference between a house and a home.  A house is the physical structure in which people live; it has basic amenities and offers shelter and protection.  On the other hand, a home is the place where people live and it is often associated with feelings of warmth and comfort, of family, of pride and a sense of attachment and belonging.

For some, this sentimentality and desire to create a "home" is reflected through their furnishings and décor while others will invest in customized additions to their current residence; others still take on the significant investment of constructing a custom home from the foundation to the roof.

Whether families are intent on making custom additions to an existing property or prefer to create a dream home of their own design, Ruppert Contracting offers the passion and the capabilities to help fulfill these wishes and build the home of your dreams.

Custom Homes

When constructing a custom home, Ruppert Contracting is willing to collaborate with the homeowner's architects or directly assume the role of home designer.  In addition, Ruppert Contracting maintains working relationships with experienced specialists from a wide range of trades, ensuring that all critical elements of your home will be constructed to the highest standards and in accordance with municipal building codes.

Ruppert Contracting is very passionate about construction, and we take great pride in the craftsmanship we provide for all of our custom projects.

We are driven to create custom homes that deliver the utmost in:

  • Optimal design
  • Full functionality
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Energy efficiency
  • Structural integrity
  • Lasting quality/value

Custom Homes

For families who wish to remain in their present location, custom home additions may offer the ideal solution to creating their dream home.  With the same passion and skill invested in our full-home construction, Ruppert Contracting can design and complete several types of customizations to an existing property.

Some examples of our capabilities with custom home additions include:


  • Living space redesigns/extensions

  • Increasing the total square footage

  • Addition of another level/upper floor

  • Rebuilds to improve energy efficiency

Included with our home customization service is the acquisition of all appropriate building permits, as well as coordination with any tradespeople who may be required for that particular project.

Planning on building the custom home of your dreams or to make custom additions to your existing property?  Call Ruppert Contracting today at 416-939-6029 to request your no-obligation consultation and get the planning process underway as soon as possible.

Clients say

"Zoltan proved to be the right choice since he turned out to be a detail oriented, reliable contractor. He was always available by phone or internet and did exactly he told us he would do. He maintained his time lines and despite the difficulties of the site he maintained a clean condition during and after the construction. We are very pleased with the appearance of our home front now and proudly boast of it to our friends."

Project: Curb appeal reconstruction

Marika, East York
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