Canadian Weatherproof Homes

A Unique Combination of Comfort, Safety and Savings

We Canadians endure all types of weather changes and most are undoubtedly proud of this capability. It is surprising to note, how far our homes are lagging behind in terms of their weather resistance capabilities.

For those individuals or families looking to build their own sanctuary, so to speak, the skills and experience of Ruppert Contracting are of considerable benefit.

By capitalizing on our Canadian Weatherproof Homes program, homeowners can enjoy a residence that provides the following throughout all four seasons and their respective weather conditions:

  • Reliable structural integrity
  • Energy-efficient maintenance
  • Defence against the elements
  • Consistent interior temperature
  • Lifestyle comforts/conveniences

Supported by more than 15 years of contracting experience and custom home construction expertise, Ruppert Contracting builds a home that delivers immediate benefits in terms of personal comfort and safety/security, plus long-term savings and returns through its durability and weatherproof features.

A Lasting Return without Compromising the Luxury You Expect

The construction of a Canadian Weatherproof Home built by Ruppert Contracting is driven by an evaluation of the building site followed by a proposal of the optimal solutions specific to that location and to the needs of the homeowner-family.

Solutions include:

  • Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) wall systems
  • Long-lasting wind and UV-resistant sheet metal roofing
  • Heating and cooling through geothermal or solar energy
  • Exterior stucco walls (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems)
  • The moderation of temperature changes by built in thermo-mass

Ruppert Contracting has the capabilities to incorporate any/all of these solutions into the design and construction of your weatherproof home; when combined with our wide-range of contracting competencies - from substructure preparation to fine detail work, your decision to invest in our Canadian Weatherproof Homes program will produce enduring returns without compromising the day-to-day shelter and luxury you want and deserve.

For further information about our Canadian Weatherproof Homes program and its scope of advantages for you and your family, and your budget, call Ruppert Contracting today at 416-939-6029 to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.

Clients say

"Zoltan and his company designed and built us a very well functioning and good-looking basement entrance. Since our clients are using it and it is in front of our newly built home the structure had to blend in with the rest of the nicely appointed house front. We were amazed by the amount of initial structural work they put into the project, even though Zoltan explained to us how important the proper foundation was. It was good to see that even the building inspector was satisfied whenever he ...

Medhat El-khanagry, Richmond Hill
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